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"Definitely Rock, Annie (EP) calls to mind classic rock'n'roll, like The Rolling Stones or The Doors, with a Francophone flavour."
"Big casting - Live in Transpole:
After a thorough selection (240 candidates), only three bands stayed in the game. Studio recording, gig at the Grand Mix… Life is sweet for The Beat Caroline [...]"
"Strengthened by its SoundCloud success, the young French band The Beat Caroline recently released his second EP "Annie", and is not about to stop! "
"Blend of folk and blues rock , with Anglo-Saxon 60s/70s flavours [...]"
"A great mix showing that blues scene it's not dead yet!"
"And here it is, I tapmy foot and snap, without realising it [...]"
"Between blues and rock, get ready to be swept away by FANI's voice. That you should discover as soon as you can ..."