De Nazareth

De Nazareth


Prince was born on July 7, 1994 in Toulouse.

Brought-up in a family of music-lovers, his enjoyment of music came early.
At an early age, he started playing percussions in church.
A few years later, he tried one's hand at playing electric guitar and bass guitar.
After his move to northern France, Prince opted for a pseudonym “De Nazareth” and improved on his technique.

Several bass players such as Franck Boom Jean (M.Pokora), Max Rafferty (The Kooks), Adam Crosariol (Hilsong United), Bérald Crambes (BB Brunes) or Richard Bona has affected his playing.
These different musical influences have created his musical world.

In 2017, he meets The Beat Caroline and joined the band.